I give credit to the Green Bay coaching Staff and players. Given the situation, I think they overall handled themselves well after the game was over. I'm not sure I could have kept my emotions in control.

The longer this goes on, the better bargining position the real refs are in. Heck, after last nights game, I'd renegotiate and ask for even more.

Consider the impact the refs have on the game. How much are they making compared to players? They are clearly the best of the best and not easily replaceable in a short period of time. Look at last nights gave. Tate clearly knew he could get away with a shove in the back of the Green Bay defender (offensive pass interference) which put himself in position to tie up the ball that had been caught, pulled in and controlled to the ground by Jennings. I'm still struggling to understand how that is a catch by Tate. Maybe in slow mo, before Jennings kness touches, the ball starts ot come loose and become tied up.

I think the NFL needs to issue a statement clarifying hte ruling made by the replay officials. The play happened fast and I cna see the refs getting it wrong, but the replay guys? IT seems like they were afraid to overturn a call in favor of the home team and make the refs look even worse.