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    The internet is great and everything but...

    The information age is pretty awesome, we have at our finger tips just about any information you could ever want to know. Maybe too much information though, I mean there are do it yourself hvac videos on youtube. That's a bit of a scary thought to me. I can just see jim bob and cousin cooter after a long afternoon of drinking deciding they need to slam some liquid into their compressor. I'm just a newbie myself as I just started school but seeing some of this youtube stuff brought some questions to mind. I imagine it's pretty hard for the average weekend handyman to get his hands on a tank of refrigerant right? Also anyone ever get any good service calls to homes or office buildings where someone thought they could play service tech only to royally screw things up?

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    If you have come across this, how do you deal with the customer? I mean inside you probably want to burn the guy down. But in reality you can't really do that, can you? But you have to let him know that next time instead of touching anything he should just pick up his phone right?

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    It usually costs them more in the long run and causes a lot more aggravation and when you tell them that they usually get it and call you out there the next time.

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    Most homeowners wouldn't pick up a nut-driver if their life depended on it, youtube video or no youtube video. The rest are more likely to generate business for the service tech or in many cases, the installer by hacking away at their equipment.

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    I agree. it was great to have internet but sometimes, the connection is too slow and people use it improperly.

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