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    best separation between evaporator return side and walk-in wall

    I`ve trying to find a rule of thumb in regards to the best separation (distance) between the return side of a forced air type evaporator and the walk-in freezer wall, so that an efficient air flow is achieved. So far I haven`t been able to get one, but someone told me that the proper distance is about half of the evaporator total width. Does this rule make any sense to you ? Thank you for your responses.

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    It depends on what type of evaporator coil (unit cooler) you have and what its manufacturer recommends.

    Here's the Heatcraft Unit Cooler I&O Manual (See p.3):

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    Thank you icemeister. I think that my friend`s rule comes from this manual.

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    Manufacture spec. I never go less then 18" though. Coil has to be cleaned and I put temp control on back, out of sight out of mind, and I can't focus on anything closer then 4" from my eyes anymore.

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