i sold a customer a ice machine about 9 months ago, his place is 127 miles away...one way.
he called a couple weeks ago to say its not working, it had a water code, so i cleaned the system, cleared the codes
and came back home, billed him for the cleaning...he calls a few days later, same thing..i return, call the manufacture
and we go through the codes, dude tells me to change the dump valve and flash the computer for updates...i return with the
flash drive, clear the codes.

i call the service dude and ask him what he can do about mileage 478 miles, 7 hours of drive time and the time to change
out the part and update the computer..he says $110.00...........he says bill the customer for the rest.....i dont!

so now today 10 days later i get the call..not making ice............

im not liking warranty work...