I have a client who replaced his air handler due to the age and the cost to replace his evap coil due to it leaking. He bought a 2 ton Trane horizontal air handler from me and the company I work for, and let me tell you we are not the cheapest around by a long shot I sell on our quality installs and our awesome service. I get my last call of the day today and it is for this client. His complaint is the unit is not cooling properly. It was just installed less than a week ago. I figured maybe the drain line or something silly like that. I arrive out there and climb into the attic and see thisName:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1348532415.917246.jpg
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I just sighed and said "oh boy here we go again" we installed a 3 ton R-410A knock off Trane air handler on a 2 ton XLI Trane R-22 condenser. I was so embarrassed to go and tell my client that we dropped the ball on him and we will return tomorrow morning with the correct unit. This is the kind of client everyone wishes for, no shopping around no beating you up on price, just says go ahead and do what ever you have to do and pays his bills up front in advance.
I just wanted to share my frustration with you guys and vent a little.
The topic says here's another. Wondering why I work here is because this happens a lot not so much the wrong unit but lazy techs, lazy installers, tons of call backs. The money is extremely good is probably why I have been sticking it out here for over 8 years. But it is getting really old!!