I took a class on PCT awhile back. The instructor was a ex JCI tech support guy for 20 years, and now works for our local distributor. When he started on PRAC tuning the first paragraph said PRAC doesn't work 60 to 70 % of the time, I have had nightmare's with the stupid control loops, and feel your pain. Wish I had a way of getting his manual tuning lesson to you it has worked for me. I have also let PRAC run for a day or two and then taken it off. The last one, that gave me problems, was a static pressure PID if it is something where the valve is too big, damper don't close right, these pid's will tune, tune, then do nothing. It was 100% all the time on that one. They suck, and manual tuning is the only way to go in your case. A PID should just adjust to correct for error until they melt the AO'S down. I hate to rant but CCT,PCT is a pure debacle in my opinion. I have programmed, with honeywell care, spyder tool, hvac pro, some GX9100, and I'm currently righting my own custom programs, just get away from the Q&A, state based, setpoint determination, output control CRAP. It's like what turn's this thing on??Let me look view logic, OH!! 500 layer's of JCI pre programmed modules, now it all makes sense. That view logic button makes me laugh when I press it. So logical!! It make sense, if you don't think about it!!