Computer rm down - no cool air

Never got the straight answer on who done this but someone took the 208 volt power wires and moved them to number 1 & 2 communication terminals as the color of the wires matched up would be my guess. I looked at this roof top unit and went what the f***.

So as I turn off power and move the power wires to where they belong L1 & L2 I send power to the proper terminals and she is not working. Not to surprised at this point. I pull the lid off and dig into the electronics. Well look at this a blown 5 amp fuse. So now I am digging through the truck and find a 5 amp automotive fuse on a bad CB pulled off a furnace earlier in the day. Put the spade connectors on the 5 amp automotive fuse and she works. Unbelievable if you ask me... What other product can you do this too and not let the factory smoke out.

Crappy install if you ask me as power was tapped off a 40 amp 3pole disconnect for a package unit 10' away. Illegal for a commercial building not to have 208 volt wire in a conduit. We bid on this install and now I see why we did not get it.

The only factory thing I see is Fujitsu needs to work on their label integrity as this unit is not that old. I think a couple of years, 410A refrigerant and all.