I'm getting kicked in the nuts on this job and I really just want this crap to work so any help would be surely appreciated. Here's what I have:

Two jaces and port forwarding set-up in a Verizon issued D-link 2750B gateway.

I have port forwarding set-up for one jace at and I've opened ports 80 and 1911

the other Jace is and is using ports 81 and 1912

Everything works great as long as I'm connected wirelessly to the gateway and I'm typing the static IP of the gateway and the port
I want to connect to into my browser. The problem occurs when I try to connect when I'm connected away from the gateway, from home for example. The correct link comes up in the address bar but the webpage never loads. Verizon has been no help at all so any suggestions you guys might have would help.