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    Distech GFX, ECB

    Have a Jace6 with webUI and embedded workbench. Have to program some ECB controllers.
    What steps do I need to take to be able to run the GFX wizard on a remote Laptop that does not have niagara installed?
    thank you

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    Install the gfx program on the laptop using smart installer, connect to the Jace and you should be able to access the running gfx project. If you are asking about running (editing) on the laptop without connecting to the Jace then it get a lot more complicated.

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    thanks, I think you have answered me.
    The laptop will connect to jace to perform the editing. The jace has embedded workbench, so I wanted to make sure that the laptop with no local niagara install can perform the editing. Seems like that should be possible then after installing gfx via smart installer.

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