Ok i got a call friday night saying their walk-in freezer is not working properly.
-Coil all iced up de-iced coil.
-Its skipping the defrost cycle.
-replaced defrost clock
-found a leak in system capillary tube off a low pressue switch ok replace that.

-had system running for a bit then noticed my suction pressure shot down to 15psig thinking it might have sprung a leak (checked for other leaks, didnt find any) checked out evaporator (having 2 fans... only one is spinning normally) luckly i got one in the truck replaced that no luck new motor does the same thing. thinking its a little odd switch motor with the other one, same thing is happening ok this is odd. checked power going into fans 208volts odd. i unplugged one when it was running noticed one fan speeds up plugs the other one in one slows down and the other one runs normal. checked wiring any loose connections, crimped new connectors on any loose wiring no luck. i checked the connection of the fan at the panel of the evap a little loose ok pulled it out and ensured a tight connection turned it on no luck phoned my boss he said have you checked the pitch of the fan blades does th blades match and is it matched up. yes! my boss tells me change the other fan. Have to go back monday before i left suction line to compressor frosting up. Kinda worried might turn into a sunday service call.

I HONESTLY DONT WANT TO GO BACK!!!Thinking this would be better for someone else to look at it instead of me! . standing 6 hrs in front of the customer isnt fun! oh ya did i mention when i came home discovered my car was broken into and car stereo was gone! might have been thursday night. What a day! #^&#@&*@#*(@#^ Eactly!

My Boss told me also that i cannot book for the 6 hrs because its after hrs. ( time and a half ) the freezer is kinda keeping temp sitting at -5c

Any ideas im fkn stumped
Dont have info on model of evaporator Looks old