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I agree. This is an extreme example, but it seems to me that police in general are suffering from incompetence coupled with lack of accountability. Excessive force, dynamic entry, wild shooting incidences, and general aggressive behavior/attitude to the public.

Of course the police also have some of the best members of us within their ranks. Does not answer the previous problem though.
Its like zero tolerance policies in school..... kid brings an aspirin or midol or whatever to school and gets caught with it.....they get in trouble.

Cops nowadays will shoot you dead at the first instant that they feel under a threat.

Doesnt matter if you are some hardened criminal aiming a shotgun at your head or some old crippled up guy in a wheelchair with an ink pen.......that cop is going to shoot you and he is going to keep pumping lead into you until he is 100 percent sure you are not a threat anymore.

When I get pulled over by the law..... a rare occurance......but it happens.... I keep my hands laying out in full sight all the time and I tell the cop beforehand every move I am making....such as reaching into the glove box or behind the seat for my stuff.

Imagine being pulled over and the cop is at your window and all the sudden something bites you....like a skeeter or something.....and you make a sudden move to slap the skeeter or whatever has startled you......

There is a pretty good chance that cop is going to jump back draw his weapon and shoot you dead.

Of course in texas he will reach in and shove you down in the seat so he can get a back shot........lol

But seriously...... Lot of crazy mofros out there today...... folks with mental issues who should actually be in a cage or something.....dang drug addicts out there running amok.......

Cops first duty is to save his own hide......and therefore nowadays they are going to blow your sorry no good a** away at the slightest sign of trouble.