I bought an Eco Bee Smart Si Thermostat. The system is an AE -Air fan coil running on the building's cold and hot water loops. The only control I have in the system is opening and closing the actuator vales for the hot or cold loops and running the fan. See the system: http://www.ae-air.com/products/ahbc.asp

The old thermostat had 5 wires. R/C/W/Y/G, I wired them accordingly to the smart si thermostat. See the wiring digram of how things are wired now that I drew.

The problem I am having is I can not get the system work work properly. Do I call this a heat pump in the thermostat settings? If I do then I can get the cold system working, but not the hot. If I call it a furnance I can get the hot system working but not the cold. Have I made a mistake on the wiring, or is there a setting in the thermostat that is wrong? It seems to me this should be a very simple system. There are two valves and a fan, nothing more.

Any help is appreciated in setting this up.