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    What is the way to learn how to write code in visio. Are there any good books or online training Thanks

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    If you mean automating Visio .... open the VisualBasic Editor in Viso and Press F1

    ...or do you mean programming that uses Visio LonMaker, VisualLogic, WorkPlaceTech etc?
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    Maybe it is Alerton VisualLogic programming environment? Indeed it works as Visio plug-in.

    Alerton has a Programming Guide or something similar, describing all commands with few examples. Anyway, the best way to learn the language is to study existing programs (Alerton supplies plenty of them) and then experiment with your own.

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    Yes thank you for the advice. I was looking at alerton standard bitmaps and prog and was trying to find some smaller code to go over and work with.

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