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    Question about new Trane variable speed

    I just had two matching trane systems installed last week. (thanks for the answers to my previous questions)

    I have the XV-80 furnace coupled with VR-15 compressors (and new trane coils).

    Tonight I have noticed twice where the AC comes on low and then just after the blower kicks up to full speed it seems to cut off (may be going back to low - not sure yet).

    Anyone seen this type of behavior? Is it something that should be looked at by a tech?

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    You have an XR15 AC. The XV80 has what's called comfort-r mode and it runs the blower at 50% capacity for the first minute then 80% capacity for the next 7 minutes then 100% until the cooling temp is met and then back to 50% for 1 minute after the AC shuts down.
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    Sounds like it may be cycling of of the thermostat. You can call the contractor and ask him to come explain why it is doing that in detail.It could be something as simple as a setting in your thermostat. CPH. Could be a few other things too.If you have questions about new equipment, your contractor should gladly answer them.He did get paid right.

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