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    "Mordern Electric and Gas Refrigeration"

    Not sure if this belongs here on WOP, but never the less a pretty cool book..
    This was one of the hand books given to my grandfather who worked the engine roomName:  IMG_0554.jpg
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    nice,we had one growing up and for some reason at about 10 to 11 yrs old I was attracted to it and always looked at the pictures. As I got older I started to read it but it was way over my head. (still is).

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    Lol, yours is in colour!
    I have an Audel's plumbing, refrigeration text book that has a copyright date of 1932. Carbon Tet and ammonia is all the rage with just a chapter for that new "freon" product... R-12
    It also goes into great detail on how to apply asbestos furnace cement to new boiler installs using your hands

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    Very Cool.

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    Very Nice

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