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    I don't trust my contractors, HELP!

    I am building a 6000 sq ft facility that is split into a production and retail area. The cielings are 15' tall and the building is 75' square. The split is 1/3 retail and 2/3 production. The production side needs to be maintained at 60 degrees and the retail side is supposed to be maintained at 70ish, whatever is comfortable. The production side has several vessels that are maintained at 60 degrees or below by glycol jackets which is separate from this discussion. The building is metal construction with R13 walls and R19 ceiling. The floors are 6" concrete. There will be very little heat produced in the production facility to the extent that we did not take it into consideration when assessing our cooling needs. The doors will remain closed 98% of the time. We are located in Northern Indiana (for reference to outside temps)
    First things first, they quoted me $9**** for equipment and installation. I have a friend who used to do general contracting that brought this to my attention as being overkill and a ripoff.
    They have quoted a ductless cooling system (which I didn't ask for but they insist is necessary to maintain 60 degrees) which involves 3 separate 3 ton condensers which each power two sets of evaporator fans positioned on each wall in the production room. The condensers are mounted on a pad on the back side of the building which means we will have several hundred feet of copper pipe for the refrigerant. The retail area is quoted for a regular heat pump duct system with two condensers at 3.5 ton and two air handlers. This is the scope of work and I am not happy with the cost.
    Why can't we just use a 9 ton heat pump with a large dump in the production space (no walls) and a 7 ton heat pump in the retail space to heat and cool? Why have so many separate condensers? Why must there be a ductless system to maintain 60 degrees? I think I am being taken for a ride... on top of that, I learned that my contractor subbed a contractor to sub out the work... hes just a middle man and I don't like him...
    They told me that they already ordered the equipment and there is no turning back... as far as I am concerned, if it's not installed we can change course. I am by no means good at HVAC but I have been spending the last 4 days reading as much as I can so I am prepared to handle whatever answers I may get here as well as whatever BS they might try to throw at me at our contractor meeting on monday. Please help confirm my suspicions!

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