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    York Affinity Fossil Fuel Add On


    I am currently a student in an HVAC program in Virginia. I am about 75% through a 2 year degree in HVAC. I want to install a fossil fuel add on to my heat pump. I am only curious about the equipment I will need.

    I have a York Affinity 8t Heat Pump that was installed in my home in the summer of 2006. At that time, I removed the gas furnace and replaced it with the York heat pump. I bought all york matching equipment at the time to include the York Air Handler. Now I want to try to add the Gas fossil fuel add on. Could you please provide me with the York Equipment I would need? I dont want any cheap modifications. I am looking for the York equipment that I could have added at the time, so everything will work together.

    Thanks for any help

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    Youll need a furnace and a coil to match the pump. Current Affinity pumps have "york guard 6" and dont require the use of a dual fuel kit or OD stat. Not sure if thats the case for your 2006 model. The best thing would be to ask your dealer for the correct matchup

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    Which air handler do you have. Single oiece or modular. Modular, you just need the furnace, the case coil can be re used with the furnace.
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