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    Well i've been in commercial/industrial for 3 years now, the winter is cold on rooftops and the summer is hot on well.... rooftops also inside blazing hot factories. So im starting to concider going back to res and hope that im not just romanticizing the past but i remember back when jobs usually went smoothly and days were relaxing. I like commercial work it just seems to competitive with too many delays. I'm not sure if its just the company i work for or all companies in commerical/industrial. Its like im running my ass off to get jobs done and it seems every month im getting a new guy helping me and their always discustingly green. we go through alot of guys and i havent seen a guy with more than 2 years experience even walk in the doors and stay for more than a day... just making sure its not a case of "the grass always being greener on the other side"

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    i would imagine the pay factor. hes not willing to pay a high rate to guys comming in. i overheard an interview where the guy walked out laughing when he was offered $18 an hour for a week to see how things went, im pressing on it right now because of a job a completed today. Its not wasnt even hvac but was involved with a 2 new systems and ducting i installed in some new warehouse offices. i agreed to a certain amount. my company changed the entire job (which was piece work) and i went from making 14 hours in say a 7 hour day to working an entire day for free just to finish the job. i was hoping that there was an error in quoting but my boss hasnt admitted to making a mistake so im left wiht the only alternative, which is that he down right mislead me and doubled the work but no the hours (kinda like saying you have this much time to put up a certain length of 8 foot duct and then cutting them down to 4 footers and keeping the time the same)

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    Thumbs down

    What part of the country you in?

    Man, residential work just about wiped me out. I did it for almost four years in the SAN ANTONIO area.

    You don't have a life in the warm months (May-October) and from January till about March it is DEAD, lucky to find enough work to do 30 hours some weeks. And, the majority of the houses in this area have the furnace/airhandler in the ATTIC, sooooo. . . up and down pull down ladders into stuffy, sometimes filthy, cluttered, 130 degree plus sweat boxes all day.

    I have been in a factory testing large commercial units for over a year and still don't miss the residential service work conditions, I do miss the interaction with the customers.

    Did a little commerical wrork, and the mall jobs were probably the worst, though ANY roof down here is miserable in the summer.

    Good Luck
    G T T

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    your not crazy. i've been doing commercial service over three years now and ready to go back to resi. commercial can be easy at times but the lonliness and boredom overrule. plus i think there's more money to be made in resi if you can sell equipment.
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    I'm headed back to resi work myself. I'm tired of running to the supply house for every part and then hearing the super repeat the customer complaint. With resi I can stock what I need on the truck in my experience anyway.
    The only resi drawbacks for me are the attic in the summer and the customer who follows you everywhere. I keep sending them into the house or upstairs to change the tstat settings. The attic is just a suck it up situation.
    No more roofs no more stocking 8 types of refrigerant no more 4 inch boiler pipe etc.

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    you should think twice about going back to residential, in the long run you can make a lot more in the industrial field.yes you do go thru more helpers in this field.personally to do residential work,my hvac career would come to a end.have you thought about working at another shop. their are shops in this field that like to pay residential wages for techs to start out, you will find that they are not able to fill their positions.
    good luck

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    Don't do it mattmort. I'm on call and I ended up going on a residential today. Friend of the manager. I haven't done res in quite a while. I don't miss the good old residential days either and I've been doing this for 30+ years.

    This one was in a skanky trailer park. The trip to the thermostat was an adventure. Lots of clothes, trash, etc to step over. The kitchen I passed by was to say the least...full of stuff.

    The condensing unit was surrounded by piles of aromatic doggy doo. This aroma stayed with me til I got home and showered. The flies were great, too.

    The filter was an exercise in dust mote castles mixed with dog hair. Hadn't been changed since february.

    Repaired a leak and recharged. And left, never to return.
    Sure brought back some unfond memories. Thank god for commercial. I'd go back overseas to work again rather than do residential again.

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    More power to ya going back to Residential. Don't like residential, never did. In fact, if every commercial shop in America closed shop, and all that was left was residential Tech jobs, I would learn a different trade.I hate residential work that much!!

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