start up on plant today at hockey rink. R-22 2 compressors 2 circuits.. first circuit short of gas... find leak on pressure relief 2 way valve at reciever . remove it clean it re install all is good. 2nd system really short cant find leak . oh well dump 60 lbs r-22 into it and we are away to the races... decide to investigate more take relief line off pressure reliefs and oh oh pressure relief seeping, perfect switch it to the other one and home i go. lean over to move valve and the sob lets go right in my face. well after a 2 hour hospital stint back at it. switch it over to other relief and all will be good. nope not enough 22 in truck.. no problem supplier only 70 miles away.... 3 drums 22 please....... uuuggghh we only have one.. really are you kidding..oh well fly back to job and the one drum was enough. thank the dear lord i get to go home. nope number one now has quit.. no worries it will be simple.... not that simple the coupler has flown apart between the compressor and motor... well guess what i have one 2 hours later everything running like a champ. pack up tools load truck.... wait a minute rink guy yelling whats this yellow stuff... oh my no worries just a brine leak.. half hour later we are going again.... o.k. phone wife on the way only 6 hours late.... hang on..... front right tire flat as a pancake.. no worries i will throw spare on... oh man spare flat... thats o.k phone the tow truck... nope cant find phone in dark where did i drop it.. no bother go to gas station get a nice fellow willing to help... drives me back to site and phones my number.... oh boy its in my back pocket. well I thank him and I am outa there... phone the wife again will be home soon.... hang on fuel pump I think barfs.... no worries phone one of my guys to come get me... oh boy he smacks a deer with another one of my service trucks... thats o.k I am home now.... whiskey time.... nope kids had a party and the crown royal is empty.... 35 years in trade and by far my worst day..