I have an existing home that I have completely remodel, demo and replaced. It is approx 1600sqft on the 1st floor with 750sqft basement. I have had the ductwork reworked when I tore off and replaced and added on approx 1000sqft of the home.
I had a load calc done to see for myself what size of furnace/ac I should be expecting from quotes I am waiting on.

My load calc came out with the following
Heat Gain-Latent and Sensible-14000
Heat Loss-44000

I have recieved one quote which is for a 100000 BTU 2 Stage 96% Furnace with a 4 Ton Heat Pump. I was told that part of the reasoning for the size was due to the size of blower I needed.

I had another contractor stated he was thinking 70,000BTU with a 3 ton Heat Pump, I am still waiting on his quote to see if it sticks.

Any suggestions welcomed