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    Here is my question?

    I do maintenance for this this fast food chain. The corporate office is telling me that it would be more energy efficient to run the walk in freezers at 10F instead of the normal opperating temp of -10F. I have my head scratching on this one? Would this be more energy efficient to where this would cost less on the owners electric bill? The walk in freezers have nothing more than bread and cookies in them. No icecream or anything that needs a deep freeze.

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    it would save money for sure. you just need to make sure thats all they intend to keep in those freezers.

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    hell ya u could save some dough !

    probably would need to shave down the defrost length
    since there should be less frost buildup (generally speaking).probably set for a larger deadband / tempswing to ensure good cycling/oil return,say 10*- cutin at 15 out at 5
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