I have always wanted to work in Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning and refrigeration, I now have finally landed a job in that area (no more crawl spaces for me). What I did not realize was the world of hurt I was putting myself in.

Bigger / more controls, bigger / more boards, bigger and more compressors, bigger and more contactors, more power, robbing t stats, make up air, vents, and the list goes on.

I was not aware how big the difference is between commercial and residential work was, but I do like it more ( no crawl spaces).

My new boss is well respected by his employees and has treated me great, not sure how many employees there is in all, but I have met 5 of them, and the shortest term employee is 15 years. My boss hired two new guys, me and this other guy that just got past his 90 days who I just met the other day.

I am very excited to have landed this job with this company, and hope to grow with them for years to come (I see great long term potential, and lots of growth with opportunity this company).

I have a few questions here.

Do you guys have any tricks that you have come up with to help make working on these units easier?

I keep getting told to treat each unit as one unit, just like in residential. Told to just break it in to each individual units, but that is hard to do when everything is all tied together, and the wires are all over the place, and you got a few boards, more controls, 3 compressors in one unit.

I am open to any and all ideas.