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    FXComm pro BACnet issue

    Hi everyone, following my HVAC course in college, I've decided to explore advanced controller field. I have found some unused Johnson Controls hardware at my part-time job, including LP-FX16X54, VAV LP-FXVMA14-1 and BACnet router to connect to computer using FX CommPro BACnet. The issue I encountered is that CommPro doesn't recognize my controller, yet it sees the vav box just fine. I found DIP switches inside the controller, maybe the issue is there? BTW is there more detailed manual available?

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    first: Welcome to controls!
    Is your controller a BACnet controller? CommPro has a version for BACnet and N2...
    the dip switches are for addressing, but in ComPro you can scan and discover anything on the network.

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    If you can't fix it with JB Weld, Duct Tape, and Ty Wire it has to be replaced.
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