We bought an older home (1974) that requires a major remodel including the heating system. It has a 1984 Utica boiler and baseboard heat. We also have an electric water heater. We're converting the house heat to radiant in-floor. My original intent was to upgrade the existing boiler, get a few more years out of it, and replace it whenit finally dies. At the same time I wanted to replace the water heater with an on-demand heater. We had a Rinnai for years in our previous house and loved it.

Anyway, after many discussions I realize that putting more money in a very old boiler may not be too smart. One of the options is to combine the need for a boiler with my want of a on-demand water heater. I'm told that Navian makes a dual unit that has two separate heating units within one and can handle both heating for the in-floor radiant and domestic water. I was also given a quote on a NTI Tinity Ti150 that does the smae thing but seems to operate a little differently to accomplish that. I like the idea of a single unit that can do both. However, I have never heard of Trinity or Navian.

I might add that we live in Michigan (near Traverse City) and the house is a single story with 1650 ft. Can anyone shed some light on my idea? Are there other options that I should consider?