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    Anyone have one or use one? I saw one at grainger today. Looks nice. $159 bucks there. Looks handy and convient. Infered and pipe clamp all in 1.

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    I have one and like it, not real thrilled about the velcro pipe t-couple, so I'm going to buy the one fieldpiece has that goes up to 1 3/8 inch, but i tend to use just a regular k type t couple and foam tape it on to get my pipe readings. That velcro one that came with it kinda shat itself already. 159 seems high for what I paid for mine, but I can't remember either mine came from Johnstone.

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    The 561pro

    Got one 2... it kinda works alright, ya gotta read the book bout the emissitivity level.. From high to low makes a TREMENDOUS difference on your temp.. ya the velco sensor is a peice of sheet. Mine was bout 160 with tax (united)
    In other words looks aren't always the best option...
    I mean the velco adapter must cost .001 cent to manufacture in east japan.

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    If the pipe is too hot, let it cool.

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