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    SCOTSMAN CME 656 AS - Problem with Bin Eye Sensors

    Hi, I'm a new user.

    Sorry for my english.
    I'm writing from Italy.
    I have CME656-AS and I have problems with Eye Sensor of Bin.
    I don't want to spend 170,00 ($ 230,00) to buy a new couple of sensors.
    I describe it: To make it run, I have to unplug the wires (two ones red/black and white/black wired), because otherwise the Bin Full light starts to blink, after goes perpetually on, and shut off the process.
    In the harvest time, I have to plug in them otherwise the machine thinks that no ice is falling and continue to harvest and harvest for ever!!
    I know how to clean them and I did it. I checked them under a light and there aren't any dirts and sediments of limestone.
    An electrician said to me that We could fix them, but He has to know some specific things like: how it is done the receiver sensor (one with black/white wires), which kind of diodes.
    Someone has ever opened them and seen how they are made?!
    If you think about it, they would be a normal pair of infrared sensor... All We have to know is how work the receiver sensor.

    thank you all, Antonello

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    When ever I problem with sensors . I always clean them first, if that doesn't work then I replace them. I know that is not much help to you .

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    If you have cleaned already and not seeing each other check leads all the way to the control. If nothing is loose or broken replace the eyes.

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    Thank you guys

    Ok, I did everything, clean, jump pin on control board and it run. the problem is with eye sensors.

    The question is:

    -Is there a way to build an eye sensor sistem like the original ones?! My electrician says that He can build it, but He has to know some specifics about the diodes of Infrared...

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    Probably won't save you any money trying. Time to research and then the trial and error process. Your electrician may be able to do it but I would just order the new set and be done with it.

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    and make sure you line the up correctly

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