Hi, I'm a new user.

Sorry for my english.
I'm writing from Italy.
I have CME656-AS and I have problems with Eye Sensor of Bin.
I don't want to spend 170,00 ($ 230,00) to buy a new couple of sensors.
I describe it: To make it run, I have to unplug the wires (two ones red/black and white/black wired), because otherwise the Bin Full light starts to blink, after goes perpetually on, and shut off the process.
In the harvest time, I have to plug in them otherwise the machine thinks that no ice is falling and continue to harvest and harvest for ever!!
I know how to clean them and I did it. I checked them under a light and there aren't any dirts and sediments of limestone.
An electrician said to me that We could fix them, but He has to know some specific things like: how it is done the receiver sensor (one with black/white wires), which kind of diodes.
Someone has ever opened them and seen how they are made?!
If you think about it, they would be a normal pair of infrared sensor... All We have to know is how work the receiver sensor.

thank you all, Antonello