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    I am interested in working with Carrier DDC/Automated Logic DDC. I have been working with BACnet for sometime now and have learnt to love it. I want to see the technology used by Automated Logic in bringing out the Web Based technology out there.

    I do not want to be in contracting as I am getting sick of being the middle man and facing the brunt day and night. It almost feels like going to a battle every morning. I am interested in product testing and development. How to look for such opportunities in and around Indy? Career Builder and such sites just do not do anything. Anybody have any ideas?

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    Bryant is there of course, and Jackson Systems. I don't know how those would fit your technology preferences.

    Here are a few others, based on a simple Google search. Don't know how appropriate these are to your technology preferences, either.

    --Leader Corp. of Indiana, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN -
    Power distribution, lighting, process control, high voltage, telecommunications, fiber optics, fire alarm, security, mechanical & temperature control engineering service

    --Brad Snodgrass, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN
    Manufacturer, custom manufacturer, service company
    Industrial sheet metal, metal, steel & stainless steel fabrication, HVAC equipment. Laser cutting, air balancing, ductwork, dust & fume collection, industrial maintenance, metal & stainless steel.

    -- Shuster Mechanical - South Bend, IN
    Installation, design, & preventive maintenance services for HVAC, refrigeration, process piping, cooling towers, chillers, low temperature units & process controls.
    Terry McIver, executive editor, Contracting Business magazine.

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    Thank you. I will surely give all of them a call. Wonder why such good things do not pop up on Google search when I do them!

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    How about Fort Wayne? Check out WFI.

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