This summer I noticed lots of water pooling on the top of my furnace at the plenum. I opened up the plenum and found one of the copper pipes running out to the compressor (the larger one) had condensation forming on it that was dripping down and not being caught by the pan below the coils. This pipe was wrapped outside of the plenum and the "putty" at the opening of the plenum was in good shape. As an experiment, I wrapped the pipe inside the plenum with some standard shipping bubble wrap and electric tape and put everything back together. This solved the problem. I made a mental note to call an HVAC contractor before fall for a permanent fix.

It was a busy summer. And I'm forgetful.

My furnace is now kicking on here in Wisconsin and I'm concerned about this bubble wrap and electric tape in the plenum area. It doesn't feel too hot on the outside of the plenum in that area, but I'm concerned this stuff could eventually melt or burn. My preferred HVAC guy is busy this time of year and it will take him a few weeks to get out.

Here's my question: how concerned should I be about the bubble wrap and electric tape inside the plenum during heating season? Should I take the time to remove this stuff right away until a professional can get out or is this not that big of a deal?