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Ok then, point to the non-existant "statistics" and data that shows a society flooded with drugs is safer than a society that has laws that control their distrubition.

The argument advocating for legalization can be applied to just about any other criminal conduct.

YES it cost money to enforce laws, so what.

I have every right to raise my kids in a society NOt awash with drug addicts.

And No its not already like that, not in the
Yes....it is already like that....what you're not taking into consideration are the millions of people on legal drugs prescribed by doctors. This "medicine" is just as bad for you if not worse than the crap handed out on the street corners. All you gotta do to believe that is listen to a drug commercial.

I think you are motivated by fear, fear that the boogeyman is gonna get ya....so your willing to throw unlimited amounts of tax payers dollars at the problem, all the while condemning spending tax payers dollars.

No amount of money is going to protect you from the boogeyman...if he wants you he will get you.

Huge military, huge police force, huge prisons, huge debt....all stem from fear.