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Oh wow, you really have no clue........

I threw the switch, if a million people chose to kill themselves with drugs, so, exactly the same as I said above.

Your billions spent on the war on drugs is exactly the same as the billions spent on green energy companies.

You are not keeping any of it out of the hands of kids. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH. It is exactly the same as talking to a democrat about welfare and food stamps.

I know you will just dismiss this buy http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500368_162-4222322.html
I understand what you're attempting to say. I understand you're not speaking from a point of intelligence, wisdom or knowledge.

So go ahead and dig up the nonexistent studies that show the effects of unleashing millions of metric tons of opiates, methamphetamines, phencyclidine, lysergic-acid-diethlymide and marijuana by legalizing drugs.

You want to point to some obscure small European Country as evidence that your assertions of safety with legalization are spot on.

That all we have to do as a Country of 350,000,000 is use the the last example of prohibition as a litmus of whats to come when we make drugs like heroin and cocain LEGAL....

Are you that simple minded ? That one dimensional intellectually ? That no other variables need to be taken into account before our Country is awash with poison and there are no laws to control its distrubition ?

Or are you so collared by your ego that no other alternative can exist other than your twisted point of view ? That legalizing all drugs is a level headed, thoughtful and a seemingly intelligent answer to our drug problem.

Oh but wait. Men and and women legislators for decades in multiple Countries have all come to the same conclusion that legalizing dangerous drugs is a bad idea with all of the access in the world to studies, literature, statistics and and proof that it's a hair-brained idea.

But a guy on the internet has figured it all out. Has access to " data " that shows its all a conspiracy or its a waste of money because the streets are already awash with massive amounts of drugs of drugs anyway what difference would a few hundred million more pounds of narcotics hurt.