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You want some advice ? Dont let your surroundings form your perceptions. Understand its an isolated subsection of society and in order to be truly objective you have to think past and transcend what your used to.

I didn't grow up in a neighborhood like that. The stigma of illegal drugs was enough to keep us away from it until we matured to the point of realizing it was self destructive behaviour.

And that stigma needs to remain and NOT for all the kids lost in a addiction but for the kids that will never in a milion years touch that crap.

I didn't grow up in a neighborhood like that and nor do not live in a neighborhood like that either...but my eyes are OPEN.
DRUGS ARE THERE!!!! ALCOHOL IS THERE!!! Its hidden from your view because of the laws and the drug dealers are smart enough not to put a sign up (or use underage kids who have a perpetual get out of jail free card)..but IT's THERE!!!!!

Does not matter what neighborhood.

Got a highschool age family member in an affluent neighborhood....got brand new car (mid sized SUV) for 16th birthday-fully loaded like his parents like to buy, honor society, straight A's, academic letters, got caught buying pot in that neighborhood from another kid from school.......

you won't read about him on the news.....his parents have money and have cut a deal.....