If you're wondering, it's the same job...

A Honeywell T7350 tstat with the remote TR21-H Temp/Humidity sensor... The original complaint was the temperature was jumping around by 3-5 degrees, and that the humidity wasn't working. Took a new sensor to the site, and found the old sensor had a very obvious burn mark by the 24V input connector. Swapped out the sensor, and the humidity now works, but the temperature is dancing around by 1-3 degrees.

My thinking is whatever killed the humidity side of the sensor, might have went back up the temperature sensor signal wire, and screwed up the stat.

Going to go out to the site this afternoon and swap sub-bases, but wanted to see if anyone had any insight as to what might be wrong?

The customer said he put a regular temp sensor on the temp line, and it worked fine. We put a brand new temp/humid sensor on, and it doesn't????