Hey guys im not sure if this is the right place to put this but I didnt seem to find a better place. Ill give you a little back story then ask my question so sorry if its long.

I went to a technical highschool learned hvac then from there went to work at an oil company doing oil work for about 8 years then moved to a smaller outfit that did a bit of everything, installs and service. Left there and currently working at a camp doing maintence and have been looking to get back into the feild. I saw a job opening and sent in my resume and he called me back and set up an interview. I think it went well but he told me about how his bussiness is focused towards and thats where Im on the fence. Hes more into, as I see it, a green aspect. He does alot of LEED houses and uses alot of high effecincy units takes alot of measuring of static pressures and looks into how well the old ducts are sealed and bassicly looks for the lose of the system. Most companys I have worked for or seen do work dont look into anything like that. He mentioned a sceniro of a customer wanting a new system on a 5 year old system and told me that most of the time the equipment isnt the problem its the structure and the duct work. He says they look more at the house and the matterials used that could upgrade to a higher efficency home.

My question is Are you guys out in the feild seeing more and more of this, and is the industry heading toward high effecincy homes and systems?