Good evening to all.
This is my first post in your forum. I'm a novice HVACR technician just out of technical college. Currently working for a frozen food importer and distributor. I hope to be able to offer some help to other in the near future, but right now just learning the trade.
I'm leading a crew in assembling a prefab walk in freezer. The civil contractor just finished the insulated floor (two layers of 2-inch poliurethane rigid plus concrete slab) and we are currently erecting the walls. We are being very careful in following the instructions included with the walk-in and, though we are keeping a watch on the vertical level of the panels (both front to back and laterally), I can see that the top of the panels are not aligning but rather going a little up, as in a ladder. I guess the concrete slab is not as leveled as promised. My question is: should I keep going with the assembly of the four walls and at the end make an all-around leveling cut at the top, or is it better to begin shimming the walls in order to keep the top aligned ?
Any suggestions welcomed.