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    Quote Originally Posted by Dad View Post
    Charles or Kitty or whatever your name is. Time to chill out. With each post you become more combative now to the silly extreme.

    These guys, like most of our working members here, are professionals in their specific industry. Shown here by their willingness to interact not only with each other but to assist those who may ask questions of them. It is not your place to knock them for for doing so.

    There are regulations in any industry and laws that must be obeyed. Ours may be more reliant on saving certain people from themselves than you realize. Seems you are a prime example. Interaction that becomes belligerent is uncalled for and will not be allowed on this site.

    Oops didn't even look at how old this was, just got caught up in the moment...
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    Recently we purchased a majestic fireplace that was under this recall we did not know about the recall until we went to install it is there a way to go back on the owner to get our money back as she told us tough luck

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    You bought a used appliance sorry buyer beware

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    You can't do anything really to the person who sold it. But Majestic may do something for you. contact them and see

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