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    Qudrafire Contour - no vacuum

    The Quadrafire Contour pellet stove in my rental seems to be lacking vacuum.
    Symptom - no auger movement, no pellet drop.

    Bypassed the vacuum switch, auger works fine.
    Cleaned flue pipe, looked down into combustion fan area, seems pretty clean.

    After reassembly, the auger worked for a minute or so, then quit.
    Sucked on the vacuum line and the switch opened and auger began turning.

    Bypassed switch again and let the fire light.
    Fire was very lazy and sluggish.
    Seems to be not drafting through the fire pot.

    Fan itself blows a good volume of air out the flue.
    Must not be creating the vacuum needed in the pot for some reason.

    Anyone ever have this issue?
    Is it just a case of taking it all apart (PITA...thanks Quadrafire...) and resealing every joint I can find?
    Where is the inlet to the combustion blower? Thinking it may be clogged, but the fire pot seems to just be open to the air under the fire place floor...
    Seems kind of strange, figured there would be some kind of duct work.

    Anyone got pictures of their Contour under the fireplace floor?

    This stove was used when I got it, so not sure it isn't missing something.

    Any ideas/assistance from the forum would be greatly appreciated.


    Oh yeah... Hi all, thanks for having a great forum. Visited many times, but this is my first post.

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    The vac switch is telling you what's wrong. Take the stove apart and clean out all the ash.

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    Yes... it was telling me that there was insufficient vacuum.... that's really it's entire job description.
    What I was failing to understand was the air flow through the stove.
    I believe that I overlooked the obvious.
    Never did remove the rear plates in the fire place.
    I routinely clean back there on the one in my house, and didn't think that the tenant would not have cleaned it as thoroughly as I do.
    My guess at this point is that the air to the combustion fan comes through those rear plates, and that there is a huge ash pile back there.

    I'm going to go back over tomorrow and clean that area and see what happens.

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    Do you have pellets in the stove? It needs pellets to form an air seal to generate the sufficient draft pressure.

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