We just had all the ductwork replaced underneath our 2005 doublewide after our purchase in July 2012. Within 3 days of using the air conditioning system, the floor in the rear hall bath began to swell and warp.
My husband investigated and found that the duct from the main line going into the bathroom floor register, was not wrapped with the insulation, dripped with condensation and all around the boot at the floor to the register was water droplets dripping from the floor. The h/a installer said they didn't forget to wrap the pipe and that wouldn't cause the floor to warp.
We had the home inspected before purchase in July and there were no issues with the floors anywhere, no plumbing issues what so ever.

My husband said he will replace the floor, and deduct the materials and labor from the balance we owe the H/A guy as the H/A installer has admitted he has no Carpentry knowledge what so ever therefore I don't feel comfortable with him tearing up my bathroom floor.He is still saying that this didn't cause the problem, yet everything else was wrapped, and there are no other issues anywhere in the house. Am I wrong?