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    Dapper, I have been searching for Trane info, LCI cards, etc., hooking up Voyager and Precedent to an automated system(using Tranes Lon), I have done a search on Trane on the site and notice you have numerous posts about doing what I'm looking for manuals on, if you could shoot me an email I would appreciate it.

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    Thanks for the info so far

    I'm also looking for IOM

    Trane Communications Bridge

    I was hoping to go Trane-Modbus-to my controls without having to go the BCU route, but looks like in most instances Trane-Lon-Modbus-my controls is what I'm going to have to do

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    Trane Communications Bridge is a fieldserver box.
    As far as I know you need the BCU to use it because BCU is feeding the IP side of the fieldserver box.

    Trane LON --> Modbus --> ASI is the only way I think, if you want to stay on the communication level.

    Hardwire is obviously always possible.

    For LON to Modbus, if interested, look at:

    at 256 variables in and 256 variables out, it is really a nice unit. Just so you are aware, these variables are passive (implicit), you will need a LON software to connect/bind trane's LON data to the gateway's variables.

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    Question LCI-I

    Dapper, Is there any chance that you could offer some help with a Trane LCI-I board. I am doing my 1st LON integration to one of those controllers. The xif file provided seemed to have more than a few duplicate snvts. I have not received any info from Trane yet, but I am expecting a response (soon I hope!). There is also some MP580s on this site also. They did not seem to have duplicate snvts - just a boatload of them!!

    Oh well, any help you could provide would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Put your e-mail in the profile.

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