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    HVAC seasonal job?

    I have been working as an HVAC apprentice for the past 6 months, what other jobs do techs have when the slow season approaches...for someone who may have a degree or someone who doesn't what is a good option between the slow months of October-April..the company that I work for is AC and Heating ,but I might be working less days soon...

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    That sucks Where I work we get 40+ year around.

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    Fear not. Confusious say, After busy summer few days off good for you.

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    That would ok ,but I work for my dad's HVAC company..tougher to just take a paycheck and run in the slow season, feel obligated to stay busy even when work slows. We are a small family owned business and its my first year on board and its starting to slow down.

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    between here and over there
    take call duty as many weeks as possible.. haha..

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    Red face

    I am just going to try to take as many classes as possible....try to educate myself....use the time wisely..

    I know my job is safe until Jan 1st, after that I might have to find other temporary work for myself until AC checks begin...hopefully summer is hott and starts early...

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    How about something in plumbing?

    They have to solder and cut copper?

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    If your dad has been established for some time and made a good name for himself fear not. Late august to late october is a little slow but you should get at least 40 hours. You know better than all of us how well the company does through out the year.

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    I turned wrenches on semis for cash when seasonal slowdowns would strike. We are not allowed to side job so that was out of the question. I wanted to learn more about heavy engines and drivetrains since I own some. I thought it would be a good experience and get paid to learn some new stuff hands on instead of paying for school. I had fun but it made me appreciate my career, and not turning wrenches on coaltrucks for a living.

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    Go out and bring in some work for your pops to keep you busy. Grass roots advertising

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtrammel View Post
    Go out and bring in some work for your pops to keep you busy. Grass roots advertising
    Thanks for the advice, went out yesterday gave out flyers for furnace pm checks.

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