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I have zero experience in the field. I am trying to find a union accepting apprentices or an employer willing to higher and train. Is there a better route? I guess my biggest problem is I make 20-25 and hour now working 4 days a week. And I would like something comparable.
Here in NYC I went to technical school and was lucky to start with $15/hr as a helper and that was a union company. Non-union will pay you peanuts, somewhere about $10-$12/hr or even less, I know some guys who got not much more than minimum wage. It may not be the same out near San Francisco, but I doubt it would be higher.

Before you decide ask yourself the following:

Do you like working exposed to the elements, hot, cold, rain, etc.?

Do you have any mechanical experience? Can you use wrenches, drills, a sawzall, etc?

Are you prepared to spend a lot money on tools, work clothes/shoes and coffee for the guys you work for?

Money-wise if you think you will make anything close to what you are making now for at least the next 3 years (under the best of circumstances) I would think of another career path honestly.