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    Low-pressure system !, I don’t get it ?, I studding to get EPA universal technician by a very simple bulleting preparation manual front esco institute, that really do not gave me mush information I can‘t really visualized it, neither get more information on the web. I have little experience in commercial and industrial with the exertion of been a operator in a beer factory with a very old /large ammonia system back in my country years ago. Low pressure system work in a vacuum pressure ?, the primary refrigerant could be R-11?, so what kind of compressor are those? ,what may be the head pressure?; those system can only be used in air conditions?; I remember to use R-11 to clean condenser and evaporators it mostly state in liquid a least you overly spouse to the atmosphere their coming in a barrel that just need pressurizes with nitrogen . Please any help will be appreciate

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    Go here>

    Note: Its R-123 which replaced R-11. Still low pressure (even lower pressure than R-11)

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    Thanks Scott for your help; great link a lot free information on Trane website. I was looking at EarthWise unit catalog, it was great! I got good idea , a lot information I can digest it all tonight.

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    it would be accurate to say a low pressure system has the same concept of a high pressure system. just at lower pressures.

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