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    Satchwell MNL200 & MNL-V2RV integration to Jace query

    I have been asked to integrate some of the above Satchwell equipment into a main plant controlled by a Trend system.

    We shall probably use a Honeywell or Trend branded Jace to do this, which is not giving me much concern at present.

    My intention is to place a Jace on each Lon segment, at present with an MN MI and a PIU being the route back to the supervisor. Remove the MN MI and PIU and use the Jace as the interface to the fan coil and Vav controllers and learn each device into the Jace. Points from each device can then be sent to the Trend system for display.

    However, I an a little concerned if it will be possible to carry out box flow commissioning to the variable volume controllers once they are on the Jace. There does not seem to be any sort wizard in the LonSiebe module in my version of workbench (its not the TAC,Satchwell,Invensys variety) that would allow me to undertake this task with any future replaced devices or new ones. Does anyone have a clue how we could perform this task in the future?

    I also see that some others (Chris.W) have had issues with points being learnt that have no sensible labels. Is this still a problem others are coming across?

    I'm not a Satchwell man in any way, and have had no experience with these controllers before. so I would be really gratefull of some guidance here fellas.


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    It depends on what kind of the program is written in the MNL-200 and V2 to have acces to the controller there is no plug-in you need Workplacetech for siebe\Invensys\TA. Some engineers are programming these controllers with a limted number of connected snvt. If you don't workplacetech it will be in the future difficult to replace devices. The only solution in that case is using an other manufacturer who has AX plug-ins for his lon VAV controllers ( Distech or Honeywell). In the current situatie these contrllers are comminisoned with a LNS tool so if you have the database you can see which bindings there are and snvt. you can try with a lns browser to write a value to that snvt like minflow and see what is happening.



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