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Another one for ya that I have a question on. Picked up a txv and filter drier for said machine above. Dropped it off to another tech onsite. I opened the box and saw peeped the instructions while he proceeded to do what he does. He removed the old txv and proceeded to braze in the new txv (it was gooped in Hot Damn) while purgin nitro. I saw on the instructions that it said if it was for a Q model that a J tube would need to be installed. From the factory this was mounted upside down. We both peered over the instructions and came to the conclusion that since it wasn't a Q model that it should be installed the same way it came out.

He did his thing and it didn't take long at all. I left for another job. He calls and says it is showing the same symptoms. Restriction. He calls mani tech support and they have him braze on service tap on the outlet of the txv and tell him if the pressure reading is the same that it is the txv that it is restricted.

I did a quick google search and couldn't find any service bullitans regarding txv mounting on S models. Or should he/we have heeded the instructions and mounted the txv rightside up and sweated in the J tube as it instructed to for for the Q model?

Any insight would be appreciated. New valve has been ordered. As for pressure and temps I really can't help ya there. I only know what he told me.

After he weighed in charge and compressor start up, high was around 275 ish and dropped down to 150-160ish. Suction dropped the same to settle aorund 2 psi.

As for temps can't really help ya there. Wasnt onsite. Told him I peek the internet and see if anybody else has come across this and relay the information to him.

thanks again