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    Quote Originally Posted by humdinger84 View Post
    My half ton sierra was made in CANADA. The only thing I could find that was made here on it is the drive shaft
    So what's the problem? The money still stays in north America, unlike a Toyota or Kia.

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    Everyone wants cheap.
    Years ago most people went to the same job until they retired and the first and only house they bought, lived in it till they died.
    That was my grandparents generation. Born in 1910s.
    Now people don't expect to stay in the same house before the warrantee expires on whatever equipment they are purchasing. And change jobs like an old pair of socks.
    Just the way it is.
    Noone wants to put much in the house that they will not get back when they sell the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syndicated View Post
    So what's the problem? The money still stays in north America, unlike a Toyota or Kia.
    My Tacoma pickup was made in California by American workers. I'd argues that my Tacoma did more for the US worker than the Canadian pickup. I could care less where the couple of hundred dollars of profit per unit goes.

    That other truck will keep more American mechanics busy over the years, though. My Tacoma has 150k on it and all I've bought is oil changes, fuel, and tires. Given the current state of two of the Big Three I'd say the Asian car companies know a little more about running a solvent car company with a highly reliable product.

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    I wouldnt say everyone wants cheap, but I would say its a mentality that was developed over time. When things were made here, en masse, they were affordable and durable. Slowly, executives decided to offshore products, making thme cheaper elsewhere. This drove margins to higher levles, with little savings to the consumer. As things were made offshore more and more, there was a push to get rid of manufacturing here. this made plants less effiicnet, not the worker per se. It was BLAMED on the worker, but it really came down to supply/demand. executives made decisions ot produce items overseas to negate osha, epa, and other agencies, to save money. since more was being produced overseas, factories here were underutilized. an underutilized worker, by nature, will be inefficient and costly, and therefore bring rational to them being overpaid.

    The executives driving this werent dumb by any means. The only dumb ones were all of the people who believed in this economic policy, learning to buy cheap first, locally made later, thereby ruining their local economies. Now, its lost control. If you know anything about offshoring, this is causing BIG problems overseas, that executvives here dont want to discuss.
    NIKE found their chinese counterparts using the plants they built ot manufacture generic goods at night when the nike lines werent running. stealing materials and tehcnology from them. The chinese government essentially told them "too bad", raise prices at home on your goods ot pay for it.

    Merck built a billion plus dollar plant, taking technolgy away from west point, pa. manufacturing facilities. the plant was sadled by construction delays, cost overruns, and when it came time for hygenic testing, couldnt pass. They had to spend untold millions to redo things to get the plant to be able to open. Quality remains low, and we are subsidizing it.

    Google and facebook are denied access to the china markets, without censorship. governemnt censorship was soo harsh, they essentially plled out. Local prgrammers have set up sites using the stolen programming, cutting them out of the market, breaking copyright international laws. Chinese governemnt has said go pound sand.

    These are just a few examples of what the rest of the world is doing to us. They essentially streal intellectual property, and raw materials to make money in their markets, and place the burden upon us. These are all verifiable stories, not made up, a simple google search can find them for you. If you read any financial magazines like I do, you already are aware of this and many other events dragging us down.

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