I've got a 5 ton Carrier Heat Pump (38YDB outside unit, FV4B indoor unit), that has developed an evaporator coil leak. I believe my system is fairly efficient already (unable to find my combo in the ahri directory), so I'm wondering what my best plan of action is here. The quotes I've received to replace the evaporator coil have all been in the same ballpark, so I don't think I'm getting taken advantage of, but it seems expensive just to replace the evaporator coil. I was given a quote on the Infinity 21 with Greenspeed, and it seems like a really nice unit. I'm looking for advice on whether I should replace the 8 year old coil (an only get a 1 year warranty) and hope for the best, or to go ahead and replace the entire system(and get the 10 year warranty). It seems like my system is at an age where either decision could be correct, and I'm just looking for advice on which route I should take. I live in North Fl if that makes any difference, and the cost to buy the Infinity 21 system is about 4x's the cost of the coil only replacement.