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    Power Cut to Iranian Nuke Plant ?

    "Explosions" apparently. I wonder if maybe that was just a mechanical failure with the Persian Gulf loaded with American and British war ships so the Iranians dont block the Straight of Hormuz. Was on Drudge.

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    One thing is for sure:

    There is a lake of gasoline in the area... with endless boats holding kegs of explosives... And lots of folks having a smoke on the sidelines...

    Hope wiser heads prevail... Or we are gonna be in three wars soon.

    Maybe BHO will grow a set and take out one of the playground bullies... and request the rest of the world to come take a look...

    OTOH: If Israel does the 'dirty work'... the USA can say "Hey, we did not do it"... while we also say: "Do NOT touch Israel, they are our ally". Nice way out IMO. (Not sure if this is a or a comment)

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