I live in the Republic oif Panama. We have a dry season with almost no rain, max. Temperatures of 95 F and a rel. humidity of below 60 %. In the rainy season (May thru December) the temperatures are a bit lower (77 to 86 F) and humidity goes above 90% when the rainy season reaches its peak in October-November.

I have built 4 small houses on the Pacific coast and I am looking for equipment which allows primarily a humidity reduction in the rainy season.
2 houses are approximately 500 square feet each and the other 2 are about half that size. One of the bigger houses contains a master bedroom with a bathroom and the other kitchen, living & dining. The 2 smaller houses are guest houses with a dormitory and a bathroom. There is no way of supplying dried air to these houses centrally. Each house needs a dehumidifier. Thru this forum I have found suppliers of dehumidifiers like Santa Fe but they are too big.

So I am looking for 4 rather small units.

I have a stand alone inside dehumidifier which can decrease the humidity but it also increases the temperature inside the house with the heat it generates. This is not what I want. I need a unit which sits outside (above the ceiling), sucks the air out of the house, dries it and blows it back in again.

I would appreciate if you could help me find the appropriate unit for this purpose.