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    damper motor question

    Quote Originally Posted by mark beiser View Post

    By the power of google I found this post. I have the same situation hz432 control panel with old power open power close dampers. I just had the hz432 put in last week and since my utility room is right below my bedroom I can hear the motors buzzing all night long as the power does not switch off to them after reaching the open position.

    My question is this safe? Can I leave them and get used to the noise? Are they just going to burn out in a month or worse literally catch fire or something?

    Should I call my hvac guy to swap them out for the ewc motors mentioned in this post right away or is it safe to sit on the issue for a while?


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    I started a new thread for you.

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    Most residential damper motors are power closed, spring open. So they should be de energized in the open position, and not make any noise. Panel may not be set up right.
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