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    Quote Originally Posted by k-fridge View Post
    I'm not one to run when my team is under attack.
    he's from Mexifornia, He's outnumbered 100-1.

    To be honest, if we (my wife and I) were not running 2 businesses in This anti-freedom, social engineered state I'd be outa here to.

    I don't blame the guy for bailing out. The only difference between Mexifornia and NYS is the 46 states between us.
    Skilled Workers are hard to find

    Thats why idiots are promoted to management

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    Truth is, Wolf has real control issues. If he switches to religion nothing will change. His conflicts are always in the things he can't change. He will still be seeing the problem as outside of himself.
    All our conflicts are projections of our inner self. Moving won't change a thing because one can't leave their head behind. (I did try running once)
    That's about all I know about anything.
    Anything built to code is built to the minimum legal standard

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    SMW Lu49

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